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Shield Related Items
Talerwin Forge can recreate many shield fittings from many historical periods.  Some examples of past commissions are listed below.  Please note that the items shown are not currently available for sale - they are examples of what we can create.  The prices listed next to the items are approximate and may vary depending on the price of materials used and the complexity of any variations in the design.
ALL BOSSES ARE FORGED FROM A SINGLE PIECE of iron unless other wise specified and NOT SPUN!!
The black finish is burnt oil
left)  Anglo Saxon boss.  $100
right) Viking boss $50
Boss nails  $4.50 each
Anglo Saxon bosses
(Left) $80 (Right) $90
Nails $4.50 each
Copy of an original Anglo Saxon boss
Nails $4.50 each
Anglo Saxon boss
Forged in three pieces and welded together
Viking Bosses
(we call these the HA boss - Historically Accurate boss)
$50 each
Same bosses with the nails in position
Nails are $4.50 each
These nails are each hand forged and have a large flat head of about 20mm or so, just like many originals excavated
Deep Anglo Saxon bosses
Left $77 each
Long neck Viking bosses at right $77 each

Viking boss
With internal rivet/nail holes copy of a find.
Viking bosses and handles
$50 for the bosses and $35 for the forged handles.
Roman Scutum
$70 each
Greek shield handle and fittings in brass
Hand finished
$90 the Porpax
fittings $18 each
nails in bronze to match $1.50 each
Greek shield fittings in brass hand polished
Porpax $90
fittings as shown $170
2mm steel buckler in a blued finish
1.2mm High carbon bucklers are $110 (the next generation which are lighter and  stronger)
Sword catcher buckler
3mm heavy use bucklers
 $77 each

Anglo Saxon boss with high dome nails

$170 with nails