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Talerwin Resources Pty Ltd trading as Talerwin Forge
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Alex Scheibner opened Talerwin Forge in 1999 after completing a four year apprenticeship in Blacksmithing, working as a tradesman for an extra year and spending a further 3 months as a journeyman in the USA under Tony Swatton of Sword and Stone.  The Scheibner family have a long history of Blacksmithing stretching back through six generations in central Europe.  Alex has been a member of The Artists Blacksmith Association of North America since 1994.  

The initial aim of the business was to supply custom made and historically accurate arms and armour to the re-enactment community in Australia and overseas. In recent years we have experienced an expansion in the variety of work undertaken in our Rylstone workshop. While custom made arms and armour are still the mainstay of our business we now also create and produce jewellery, architectural fittings, furniture, sculpture, tools, custom leather work, item reproduction for Museums and collectors, theatrical props, custom forgings, tool repairs and undertake product design and development.

Talerwin Forge can also provide a working Blacksmith shop from several historical periods for public or private events at a fixed fee.

Talerwin Forge runs forging and knife making classes in its Rylstone workshop, please contact us for more information.

Ordering Information and Trading Terms
If there is something you would like made please contact us as we can advise you on cost and timeframe. We quote for free but will need you to do the research on what you want before requesting a quote, otherwise you will be charged a research fee payable on delivery of your quote. 

An example would be a request for a "Viking sword".  We would spend about 2 hours researching and compiling 5 different examples from slightly different periods/styles of "Viking swords".  Pictures or descriptions of these examples would then be emailed or posted to you, each with an item cost and material option list.  The time spent on researching different jobs varies so the above is just an average example. The cost of research is $40 per hour inc GST.

We would prefer to work on an hourly rate but understand most people prefer a fixed quote. In the past we have always stuck to our original quote but in the current economic climate we reserve the right to add to a quote any unforseen fees or costs we incur. We will always advise you ASAP of any price rise before going ahead or implementing it in an invoice. This is still a rare thing and to date has only been acted on once.

The workshop rate is $66 per hour.
The admin/research  fee is $40 per hour.
All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.
For local, walk in and mail-order work there is a minimum invoice amount of $15 inc GST

There are no employment opportunities at this time with Talerwin Forge, please don't ask for an apprenticeship. When one comes up a notice will be put on this site.