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The items listed below are currently in stock now at Talerwin Forge.  If you would like to buy any of these items please contact us (details are on the "contact us" page).

Payment:  We accept payment through credit card or PayPal from international customers and credit card, cheque or direct deposit from customers within Australia.

Shipping:  We ship items through Australia Post unless otherwise specified. 

All prices listed on this page are in Australian Dollars.  If you would like to buy anything on this page please contact us
Anglo Saxon coins Reproduction Anglo Saxon coins
2 different coins in a pack, made from pewter
Price:$4 per pack (2 coins)
Viking coins Reproduction Viking coins
2 different coins in a pack, made from pewter
Price:$3 per pack (2 coins) 
Reproduction Medieval coins
5 different coins in a pack
Price:$8 per pack (5 coins)
Pewter Viking pendants
Chose from 2 styles - Boat pendant and Thor's hammer. Both with cord ready to wear.
Price:$5 each
Ancient Greek reproduction coin
Gold plated pewter
comes in a little packet as shown
Price:$2.50 each
Ancient Greek reproduction coin
Comes in a little pack with a great Greek pottery image of a helmet maker in the background. cool.
Price:$2 each
Bone Buttons
12-13mm round with two holes imported
Price: $0.60 each
Lead Free Pewter Spoons
18th C style imported
Price: $18 each
Tin Cups
multi period and very useful! imported
Price: $16.50 each
English Snake Buckles
Brass imported
Price: $22 each (set of three pieces as shown)
Musket Sling Buckles
Made from brass, good for French or English. imported
Price: $10 each
18thC English Playing Cards
Includes drawstring pouch. Great for your Royal Navy or Foot regiment impression. imported from the USA
Price: $9.50 
16thC French Playing Cards
Includes drawstring pouch. Really lovely reproduction! imported from the USA
Price: $9.50 
16thC German Playing Cards
A really nice set. Great quality artwork reproduced from an original set (as are the others above).imported from the USA
Price: $9.50 
Colonial Glass Marbles
Perfect to keep the kids occupied in an historically accurate way. Instructions for historic games and cloth sack included.
Price: $8
(left)    Brass Georgia Frame Buckle $15.50
(right) Brass Fork Tongue Buckle $23
leather belts can be supplied at an additional cost that varies according to length needed. imported
100% Wool Plumes
hand made at our Rylstone workshop. 
Price: $15 each
Straw Hat Blanks
Ready to convert to tared hats or plain straw low-toppers.  Some DIY needed, just unpick the spotted cloth band, wet and mould to the shape you want. marked as 55cm size but the tared hat shown finished fits a 61cm head with the removal of the cloth band.
Price: $10 per blank

Assorted Nails

1)      50mm box $40 per pound
2)      50m clout $40 per pound
3)      38mm shingling $40 per pound
4)      44mm fine finishing $40 per pound
5)      38mm slating $40 per pound
6)      25mm forged face, black finish $40 per pound
7)      38mm forged face, black $40 per pound
8)      52mm forged face, black $40 per pound

Jackson Padlocks from Tasmania.
Made there since 1883.  These are real, honest locks as used by the Australian Government from 1800's to this day.  These are not cheap imports! They can be keyed the same or have different level arrangements.
As shown on the left: $39
As shown on the right: $29
Jacksons Box Lock
Perfect for your convict box reproductions or military chests. Comes with two keys.
Price: $21
Early Card Games booklet $7.50 each
Early Games of Dice booklet $7.50 each
Lord and Lady Dice, $21 the set
Ancient Dice $9 the set
Naughty "69" Dice $10.50     imported
18thC Eating Knife and Fork set
Bone handles  imported
Price: $38 (set)
Folding Knife, Fork and Spoon set
Price: $36 
Ice creepers
Made here in Rylstone with bag. and heavy hemp cord to strap them on and painted with black Japan.
Price $44 the pair. please specify the width you want.
Folding soldiers pocket knife. very multi period and handy imported A great knife!
price $22