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Movies:                                 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of
                                                 the Dawn Treader              
                                                 Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End
                                                 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's
                                                 The Matrix Revolutions
                                                 Highlander Endgame
Television:                            Mary Bryant
                                                 Dirty Jobs
                                                 All Saints
                                                 The Floating Brothel
Theatrical productions:     Hamlet (Bell Shakespeare Company)
Print publications:               Big Boys Toys
                                                 Sword and Buckler
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Historical Reproductions
Film and Television
Film and Television work

We have produced a range of props for various film, television and theatrical productions, and print publications including:

Prototypes and production runs are possible, send in your production drawings for a quote. 

Swords designed for the Pirates of the Caribbean films (At Worlds End, and Dead Man's Chest)
Alex worked for Tony Swatton at Sword and Stone in Burbank California and was lucky enough to be asked to design nine prototype swords for the films. All were accepted and put into production

One piece Viking helmet made by Ben Dark at the Talerwin Forge workshop for the Australian Chanel 9 television show "Dirty Jobs"

Leg irons created for the Australian television Documentary "The Floating Brothel"

Reproduction of "Spear of Destiny" for collector

Buckler shields produced for the Bell Shakespeare Company's production of Hamlet in 2003

Scaled miniature Viking armour to fit a baby

Fantasy armour produced for a fashion show in Sydney, Australia and used in a nightclub scene in the movie The Matrix Revolutions

Australian colonial period blacksmith shop hired out for the television miniseries "Mary Bryant"

Armour featured in the book "Big Boys Toys" by Scott Macgregor