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Other Weapons
Talerwin Forge can recreate most weapons from most historical periods.  Some examples of past weapon commissions are listed below.  Please note that the items shown are not currently available for sale - they are examples of what we can create.  The prices listed next to the items are approximate and may vary depending on the price of materials used and the complexity of any variations in the design.
Bowie knife
Forged 1075 high carbon steel
Pattern welded bowie knife with sheath.
Wrought iron and 1075
Slavic folding razor
 With Phosphor bronze handle
Byzantine razor blade pattern welded steel
Anglo Saxon Saex,
Pattern welded with three cores on spine.

Pattern welded stainless steel blade blank
WW2 Russian fighting knife
Forged 1075 high carbon steel, wood sheath, nice and accurate reproduction. Tougher than the Indian made knives!

Silver Inlayed Axe.

One piece forged high carbon
Axe from Gotland,
One piece forged high carbon steel
Steel jousting coronels,
Forged and fabricated construction in mild steel designed for use in period jousts. Currently have sold 15 for use in Australia and NZ. Sharp enough to bite into shields and grip (or hurt ya' good)
$70 each
Indestructible Polyurethane Coronels.
Colour varies as it's mining grade polyurethane, they need a quick spray with silver paint. More expensive than other brands out there but nearly INDESTRUCTIBLE!!
$18 each
Basic high carbon blunt weapons.
axes $77
spear $77
Anglo Saxon socket tool/spear head.
Original only found recently and still under interpretation by academics. A Sydney re-enactment group tested a few we made and discovered them to be great to fight with. The original could have been a tool for agriculture, whaling or a weapon. Example here is blunt for combat. Forged high carbon.
Ribbed and winged spear,
Forged high carbon.
Large spear,
Forged high carbon $90
Weighted spear butt with blunt end $25
7thC Slavic spears,
Forged from 4130.
With heat treated black oil finish
$100 each
Greek spears
Almost sharp, forged in mild steel
$90 each
Bill Hook
One piece forged high carbon head with mild steel langets.
(shaft not included)
Anglo Saxon Javelin Heads.
About 35cm each. Forged in spring steel
$45 each
Lance Heads
Forged spring steel
$60 each
Anglo Saxon javelins,
Forged spring steel
$45 each
Various Arrow Heads in mild and spring steel
from $7.50
Triangular Arrow Head with tang.
Blunt whaling harpoon for naval re-enactment.
Forged spring steel so as to not bend, unlike the originals.
$250 (shaft not included)
Reproduction Enfield Bayonet Sheath
(below) To fit original bayonet. Complete original above for comparison.
Various javelins
As always, forged from one piece of spring steel and great for hunting or target work
Bollock daggers.
1075 high carbon blades
$210 each
Combat safe pitchfork made for the battle of Vinegar Hill NSW.
Unleash the your inner peasant...safely.
Mild steel forged and fabricated