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Historical Reproductions
Film and Television
Talerwin Forge reproduces jewellery from many historical periods.  Some examples of our past jewellery commissions are listed below.  Please note that the items shown are not currently available for sale - they are examples of what we can create.  The prices listed next to the items are approximate and may vary depending on the price of materials used and the complexity of any variations in the design.
Roman Earrings
Made from Silver and Carnelian
Moravian Gombic.(ball buttons)
used as a form of ornamentation and very significant to Slavic/ Moravian culture.
42mm round hand chased bronze Gold plated
$600 the pair
Viking Turtle Broaches
Bronze, hand made
$150 the pair
Roman Erotic Ring
Carnelian intaglio and silver
(We have a limited supply of roman reproduction intaglio stones in stock, if you are interested in a ring email us.)
Greek fibula and Roman wolf broach
(Top left) Greek fibula, Fabricated bronze $90
(Bottom left) Greek/ Macedonian Fibula, cast in Bronze, brass, silver or gold From $35 for brass/bronze
(Top right). Wolf broach cast in anything you want same as above , from $30 for bronze/brass
Various Greek and Roman Fibula
From $12
Greek/ Macedonian Fibula
Cast in Bronze, brass, silver or gold
From $35 for brass/bronze
Roman Bird Hair Pins
Forged bronze or brass
$35 each
$55 each
7thC Hungarian Hair/Braid Ornament
In .925 silver (you need two for the outfit)
From page 188  Of "The Ancient Hungarians"
$90 each
Forged .925 Silver Arm Rings
Forged from 6mm stock
from $190
Anglo Saxon Clothing Hooks
In phosphor bronze
$15 each
Silver pendants.  Cast in .925 silver
$35 each
Forged Iron Cloak Pins
(Brushed brass finish on these two)
from $15
Large Greek fibula
Slavic Silver Earrings
Hand made here in Rylstone.  Not imported
Viking Omega Broach
Viking Silver Ring
Moravian Cross
In .925 silver (pendant only)
chain made by the client