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Domestic Items
Talerwin Forge recreates historical domestic items from many periods.  Some examples of past work in this area are listed below.  Please note that the items shown are not currently available for sale - they are examples of what we can create.  The prices listed next to the items are approximate and may vary depending on the price of materials used and the complexity of any variations in the design.Line
Iron Trivet
13th C byzantine with chain loops for ship board suspension and feet for land use. All stock material for this was reforged to the size of the original before construction.    $320
Viking Age Cauldron
Riveted construction.  Five pieces of shaped 2mm iron plate, two handle tabs and a flat iron handle
about a foot in diameter
One piece raised 3mm plate .
320mm diameter 
Anglo Saxon Frying Pan.
3mm plate pan and twisted iron handle
Viking tripod 1.2mm high $120
Twisted link chain $50
Viking cauldron $240
Viking Skillet $70
Fancy "S" Hooks $10
Dark Age Cook Equipment
All folding
Bird cooking rack $400
Spit rack for a deer $300
Viking tripod and cauldron $360
15th C Kitchen
(could be used for13thC-19thC)
2.5m long about 1.5m high .yep big!
price includes the adjustable pot racks (normally $160 each)
Adjustable Pot Racks

Ancient Cooking Rack
With sliding bars, very handy for roman marching.
13thC Byzantine Meat Spits
$44 long  (roughly 45cm long)
$25 short  (around 30cm long)
Flesh Hooks and Sieve Spoons
Custom "Viking" Candle Sticks
Made for a Viking themed pizza restaurant in Sydney.
Price? go ask Sven at "Sven's Viking Pizza"
Raw Hide and Wood Lantern.
Perfect way to light your Dark Age world
design will vary a bit
Viking Chest
with working lock and key based on the Mästermyr chest find. this example is 1.4m long

Reproduction of a convict or "orphan box"

Used to transport and store the clothes and possessions of convicts and orphans from England to Australia.  Forged hardware and period correct nails. Original is in the Maritime Museum Sydney  14 x 24 x 14 inches with Jacksons lock (not shown) $350

Viking Hinges and Hasps in the same style.
Hinges $45 per pair
hasps $44 a set.
look in the "in stock" section for the nails to fit them.
In 1.6mm bronze
Strigil and Roman Razor
Strigil as above
Razor $44
Viking Scissors
from $35 for a120 mm long pair
Viking Wet Stone
Made from hard sandstone mined at a unique local quarry.  every one is different.
$15 each
Have a look in the "in stock" page, we'll have them there again soon.
Dark age tweezers.
Dot and ring design in iron, brass or bronze
Made on request
Copy of the Birka Viking Bucket
Sold to Birka Traders Sydney and used in the Viking exhibition at the Maritime Museum.