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Historical Reproductions
Film and Television
Talerwin Forge can recreate most Armour from most historical periods.  Some examples of our past Armour commissions are listed below.  Please note that the items shown are not currently available for sale - they are examples of what we can create.  The prices listed next to the items are approximate and may vary depending on the price of materials used and the complexity of any variations in the design.
Armour can be made from mild steel, wrought iron sheet (depending on availability), heat treated "spring steel" (4130), Brass, Bronze, Aluminium, leather etcLine
Pikeman's Armour  $1400
English Civil War period copy of Dutch pikeman's armour. From figure 77 on page 65 of D Blackmore's "Arms & Armour of the English Civil Wars"
Pikeman's Armour  $2100
English Civil War period copy of pikeman's armour Figure 80 on page 66 of D Blackmore's "Arms & Armour of the English Civil Wars"
Gorget Etched Gorget
With leather lining to match above armour.  Figure 82 on page 67 of D Blackmore's "Arms & Armour of the English Civil Wars"$1100
4130 jousting armour frontJousting armour back 15thC Armour
Heat treated 4130 (superior to spring steel) high carbon armour with gold plated etched brass detail.

Raised elbows and knees, one piece greaves.
Skull in two pieces, (one piece raised skull $800 extra)
GreavesGauntlets4130 helmet
Embossed black and white armour Black and White Armour
Embossed and chased over pitch. Work in progress
14th century Armour
Simplified Cherbourg Style Breastplate
14th Century
Stainless steel jousting armour
16thC jousting armour
Stainless steel half armour
This type of stainless steel armour is built extra heavy to cope with full contact competition jousting.
It won best armour at the International Jousting Championships in Canada 2004

Heat Treated 4130 High Carbon Armour
Perfect for the joust, light weight and super strong. shown here with transitional sallet helmet

14thC breastplate and gauntlets
Breastplate $900, Gauntlets $700
14thC Complete Armour
In mild steel. One piece elbows, one piece greaves, two piece knees. 2mm breastplate.

Note the well shaped vambrace and cuisse
14thC Arms and Gauntlets
With brass work pierced in the shape of bear foot prints